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The Secret Life of Ryan Rigbee


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THE HAT DIARIES™ The Secret Life of Ryan Rigbee by award-winning author

Nadine Haruni is the debut novel in THE HAT DIARIES™ middle-grade fantasy trilogy series.

By day, 13-year-old Ryan Rigbee is the shaggy-haired loner getting bullied while still reeling from losing his dad. But by night, it’s another story. The imaginary “Adventures” he takes with his dog, Shadow, transform him from an awkward teen into someone who can handle anything. To make this magic happen, all he needs to do is put on a hat.

Meeting Merlo, the factory’s old caretaker at his mom’s job at Harry’s Haberdashery, changes everything for Ryan—when he gets whisked off each night into various adrenaline-rushing roles through the factory’s magical hats. Ryan documents these Adventures in his diary, and Merlo helps him navigate the many striking coincidences and clues leading to startling discoveries about himself, his family, and the characters he meets. As Ryan develops more courage and the story gradually builds toward its climax, the distinction between Ryan’s everyday life and his exciting nightly world of Adventures becomes impossible to discern. 

An imaginative, action-packed story following a relatable teen struggling with loss, love, bullying, loneliness, and regret, THE HAT DIARIES™ The Secret Life of Ryan Rigbee, marks the start of a coming-of-age fantasy trilogy resonating with readers of all ages and keeps them rooting for Ryan Rigbee. 

Coming Fall 2024
Book 2 in THE HAT DIARIES Trilogy

Discover the Portal

COMING FALL 2024! Continue the magic in THE HAT DIARIES Discover the Portal by award-winning author Nadine Haruni. This action-packed middle-grade fantasy second book in THE HAT DIARIES trilogy will resonate with readers of all ages, following the real and imaginary action happening in Ryan Rigbee’s diary. Ryan’s adrenaline-filled Adventures get taken to new heights through a magical portal, where Merlo teaches Ryan valuable life lessons. The excitement of being able to have others travel with him becomes overshadowed by a few “near-miss” Adventures, which shed light on how dangerous this portal might be.


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